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Enjoy cash back on every purchase!

Exclusively for our valued members - earn an average of 6% cash back on every purchase at over 300 national retailers, restaurants and travel brands.

The cash you earn is yours to keep and is in addition to any credit or debit card rewards you currently receive. 

Your membership is FREE when you register with your Invitation Code providing you access to this program.

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Your invitation code supplied by National Mall Plus

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is it really free?

Yes. Your relationship with this organization entitles you to free access to this program when you register using your Invitation Code.

Then why is a credit or debit card required?

Because you will use that card on file to make purchases through the National Mall Plus app and website. Add up to 10 payment methods to your account for convenient checkout. We understand you may have questions about this. Please contact us and we'd be happy to tell you about security measures, encryption, PCI audit compliance and other technical details. We don't store sensitive data, and we have been vetted by over 250 national merchants. Many members prefer using their app to make purchases because they aren't giving their credit card to cashiers or servers.

What's my invitation code?

Your invitation code is provided by National Mall Plus so you can experience the program prior to implementing with your member group. If it does not work, remember that it is case sensitive. If you need us to help, simply send your information to and we will be happy to help!

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